Monday, 9 August 2010

DIY B.B.Q. 28th September 2007

As a result of the project above a DIY/ Cook it Yourself B.B.Q was held in the garden, on Friday 28th September from 5.00 pm onwards. The items made by the children over the two days were there for all to see, as was a display of photographs that people could view and order. The weather was kind to us - a lovely sunny evening for late September. There were lots of B.B.Q's and lots of smoke, but luckily there was a light breeze to carry it away!

We stayed from 5pm to about 7.30 - the time flew with cooking and chatting. Its lovely to have an outdoor area where we can have these get-togethers and perhaps more can be done next year here through the summer months.
The two totems had been waxed again and looked even better than before.

Well done to those of the Association who organised the photographs, B.B.Qs, seating, extra food, tables and chairs. Also thanks to Peter for providing music and to Teresa and Calvin for laying on water.
By the time we were leaving it was getting quite dark - going home I gave three rabbits quite a scare in Stoney Road!
Ruth Roberts