Monday, 9 August 2010

Easter 2009, 16 and 17th April - Youth Workshops

(Pics. Malcolm Richards Photography)
Llanteg Community Association held a successful two-day environmental youth workshop last week at the village’s old school gardens. Seventeen young people attended the willow sculpture, birdbox making and weaving workshops which were all very productive.

Proud of their carpentry skills in making these bird boxes are Callum, Ross, Tom, Jess, Emily, Elspeth, Joe, Dylan and tutor Caz Phillips.

Gerry Brutnell teaching the art of wool spinning to Zach, Gareth, Isabella, Kitty, Emily and Izzie.

Willow dome builders, Henry, Alex, Sadie, Anna-Mae, with tutors Helen, Madeline, Sue, Rebekah, Jill, Rob and Tina.

Taken from Tenby Observer website, Friday 24th April 2009

The following pictures were taken by Ruth after the workshops were over:-