Friday, 16 July 2010

Meetings 2007/8

19th November 2008

Easter Workshops.
A discussion took place about the workshops to be held on 16th and 17th April 2009 in the Old School Garden.
It was agreed that the Secretary should formally request quotations from suggested tutors and contacts in order to plan the activities to take place. To date a quotation had been received from a tutor from Saundersfoot who can provide a workshop involving spinning. Contact has also been made with The Woodland Co-op from Marros who have agreed to be involved. Dave Welton one of the tutors from last years workshop was also to be approached. It was suggested that the workshop with him could involve a sign for the garden and perhaps a rustic seat. It was agreed that a structured timetable should be planned early in the New Year as soon as possible.
The question of necessary insurance for the workshops was discussed and advice is to be sought from The Princes Trust who provided support and publicity last year.
It was reported that the tables and chairs available last year could possibly be used again but at present the Hall was having storage problems and the items were stored away from the Hall. Further discussion will be needed as to the actual requirements of the workshops including cover in the event of bad weather. It was also suggested that a family barbeque could be held on the final afternoon of the event.
It was agreed that at the next meeting the provision of the planned shed and equipment should be finalised in line with the requirements of the grant. Attention has to be given to the provision of a base for the shed. Possibilities of a gift of the materials from a local source were to be investigated.
Clay Pits.
There had been no further developments on the clearing of the Claypits, but it was reported that volunteers may be available in the New Year through arrangement with the Probation Service.
Carol Service.
The arrangements for the Carol Service to be held on 7th December 2008 in the village hall were discussed. The Reverend Sarah Geach had agreed to lead the service. Details were to be given to Tavernspite School and it was hoped that some local children would be involved. Refreshments would be provided afterwards.
Treasurers Report.
The treasurer gave a statement of existing finance and it was agreed to open an account that would provide interest on monies held.
Date of the next meeting was agreed for 7th January 2009 at 7 0’clock

 Proposed workshope were discussed for 2009 – probably taking place at Easter with possible bird watching sessions. Kevin Phelps had kindly collected suggestions for events from his pupils at Tavernspite School.
Community B.B.Q.
This was held at the Old School Gardens on Friday 22nd August 2008. We were lucky to actually have a sunny afternoon and evening.
Community First Grant Workshops provisionally planned for 16th & 17th April 2009. The group were inf avour of a musical entertainer for at least one of the days.
It was agreed to discuss the purchase of a shed and garden equipment at the next meeting.

10th July 2008
A meeting was held at The Downs when the survey (completed by Bethan Cox of Pembs County Council) of the Claypits was discussed. A detailed 5 yr plan was put forward in the report but the community could implement as much or as little as they wished.
The Community Association was pleased to announce that a grant of £1181.76 had been received for work and tools for the Old School Gardens, plus children’s workshops which are hoped to be held next Easter.
As well as a Family B.B.Q to be held on 22nd August the Association are also planning a Family Carol Service for December.

A.G.M. – 23rd June 2008
The committee officials were all re-elected.
Old School Garden.
Concerning the suspected damage to the totem poles in the garden, Dave Welton (the tutor from last years workshop) had contacted John James to confirm that the discolouring on the poles was not fire damage but possibly caused by the previous use of the wood, probably wire staples. It was agreed to contact Dave Welton about further weather protectionsealant for the poles.
Totems – Dave Welton’s website is at
Workshops 2008?
Discussion took place about the activities planned and it was agreed to contact local schools and include children’s views in the early planning stage. It was suggested that a questionnaire could be circulated locally.
Further funding bids/Claypits.
A meeting had taken place on June 16th at the Claypits site. Present were:- John James, Madeline Cole and representatives from The National Trust, PLANED and Keep Wales Tidy. The meeting was very positive and funding for the clearance and development of the site was discussed.
It was agreed that a survey should be undertaken of the site.

Meeting – 11th June 2007
It was reported that a cheque for £1,000 had been received from the Princes Trust and deposited in our account.
It was decided to hold the workshops over two days and keep the third day until 2008 (possibly Easter)/