Friday, 16 July 2010

Meetings 2009

15th November 2009
Present were :- John James, Sue James, Andy Webb, Ruth Webb, Jeane Brewin, Malcolm Brewin, John Baggott, Helen Baggott, Jill Chatwin & Rebekah Chatwin
Apologies:- Madeline Cole and Rob Chatwin
Matters arising
The chairman informed everyone that the secretary is very ill at the moment and asked if any one was willing to takeover the post temporary.
Carol Service and Senior Citizens Party
The carol service is to be held on Sunday 6th December at 2.30 pm and combined with the senior citizens’ party. Sarah Geach has organised the service and Joyce Lewis has been asked to play the organ. She has asked if she could come to the hall for a practice before hand. The organ needs to be moved before the event, and the room to be decorated. It was decided to meet at 10am in the morning to carry out all the jobs and prepare the room. It was decided that everyone bring a plate of food, to cater for the tea. The tea is to follow the carol service and the food is to be laid out in the side room. Ruth Roberts to be asked to contact the local papers and put on the web.
Old School Garden
Due to the bad weather no maintenance work has been undertaken. It was reported that the shed has a pane of glass that has broken. Malcolm will go down and check the damage. Andy report that he has engraved all the tools with a value over £10. It was decided to look into and decide about workshops in the new year. Sue James suggested that we have a sign in the garden. She had been down and talking to some residents and they did not realise that the garden was open to the public. A sign with ‘ALL WELCOME’ was suggested. J Chatwin to enquire with a friend. It was noted that the gate was being left open. Malcolm volunteered to fix a spring to the gate.
The ground at the claypits is were wet at the moment, to be discussed in the new year.
Village Walk
It was decided to look into some suggest routes ready for the next meeting. It was agreed to contact Keri Howells from Pembrokeshire Coast National Park to see if she would be willing to help again in the future.
Quiz and Bingo Night
A quiz and bingo night has been arranged for Saturday 9th January 2010 at 7.30 pm. The cost of entry was discussed, and a suggestion of £2.50 per head. It was decided that John James speak to John Tunster. Donations for small prizes would be welcome. The funds raised would go towards putting on another event in the village. A suggestion was make of contacting local businesses in the area to ask for sponsorship to fund future events. Ruth Robers to be asked to compile a poster.
The treasurer had ordered a cuddly toy from Baker Ross for Guess the Name and was planning on having a stall at the bring and buy sale on Saturday 28th November. A cheque was requested for £12.99 to cover the cost.
Fund raising – The treasurer had been in touch with Ruth Roberts and she had advised that the history group had make necklaces in the past to raise funds. The items to make the necklaces had been purchases and Rebekah had made 18 necklaces and 10 keyrings. The necklaces and keyrings to be sold at the bring and buy and carol service. The necklaces to be sold for £2.50 each and the keyrings for £2.00.

AGM - 5th October 2009
The election of officers for the period 2009-2010 took place.
Voting was as follows;
CHAIR – John James
Proposed – Andy Webb
Seconded – Ruth Webb
SECRETARY – Madeline Cole
Proposed – Helen Baggott
Seconded – Malcolm Brewin
TREASURER – Jill Chatwin
Proposed – Andy Webb
Seconded – Malcolm Brewin

Meeting 5th October 2009
Present were; John James, Madeline Cole, Sue James, Andy Webb, Ruth Webb, Jean Brewin, Malcolm Brewin, Helen Baggott, Jill Chatwin, Rebekah Chatwin.
Apologies John Baggott, Rob Chatwin.
A discussion took place about future possibilities of raising funds for further activities that the Association wished to consider. John James thanked all members for their hard work during the past twelve months.
It was agreed that further maintenance on the Old School Garden should be planned.
John Lewis Tunster informed the group that more tools for use in the Old School Garden were available from the closure of Crunwere Church. The security marking of tools was to be investigated. A noticeboard from the church closure had also been made available for the Old School Garden.
Village Walk.
The possibility of another village walk was to be discussed, a tentative date of December 27th was mentioned but it was agreed that it would probably take place in the Spring.
Carol Service and Senior Citizens Party.
The date for the combined Carol Service and the Senior Citizens Party has been agreed as Sunday 6th December 2009 at 14.30 hours in Llanteg Village Hall. Sarah Geach will lead the service – it will be followed by the Senior Citizens Party. All are welcome at both.
Work is progressing on the site. It is hoped to level and rotovate the top of the site shortly.
Village newsletter.
The deadline for items to be included in 15th October 2009.
Date of the next meeting 23rd November 2009 at 19.00. hours in Llanteg Hall.

24th August 2009
Present were Sue James, John James, Malcolm Brewin, Jean Brewin, Jill Chatwin,Madeline Cole.
Apologies from Ruth Webb, Andy Webb, Helen Baggott, John Baggott.
Matters Arising
Communities First Grant.
It was reported that a letter had been received by John James from Communities First in Cardiff. The letter informed the group that the ‘end of project’ statement would not be signed as further requirements had been requested.
■A receipt was required for £80.50 for the chippings for the garden.
■A cheque was requested for the underspend as outlined against the community bench £101.07
■Communities First have insisted that no authority was given for this expenditure.
The Secretary agreed to attend to these requirements.
Village Walk.
The Village Walk held on the 2nd August 2009 was voted a great success. The attendance of Kiri Howell Community Ranger for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and her knowledge and expertise had been invaluable. Kiri had been thanked for her participation and it had been suggested that a further walk in the Autumn or Spring should be planned.
Old School Garden.
It was reported that the tools purchased could not be covered by Amroth Community Council insurance. It was agreed to talk to other Community Associations as to their procedures.
Family Fun Afternoon.
The Family Fun Afternoon had been planned for Saturday 29th August.
After problems had been encountered with musicians and tutors and, after further discussion it was agreed to postpone the event.
Information would be put on the village website and in local newspapers.
Carol Service/Senior Citizens Christmas Party.
Sue James informed the group that it had been decided to combine the annual Carol Service and the Senior Citizens Christmas Party, both held in the Village Hall.
A provisional date has been set for the 6th December at It was agreed to inform Kevin Phelps, Tavernspite School, and invite children to participate as last year.
Further work had taken place at the top end of the site this should be finished in September.
Date of the next meeting 5th October 2009 at 19.00 hours.

2nd July 2009
Present were John James, Jill Chatwin, Madeline Cole, Andy Webb, Malcolm Brewin, Jean Brewin, Sue James.
Apologies from Rebekah Chatwin, Rob Chatwin, John Baggot, Helen Baggot, Ruth Roberts, John Tunster.
Communities First.
It was reported that the return of the required paperwork to Communities First in Cardiff was in hand. Tools had been purchased. A bench for the garden had still to be agreed upon. Andy was thanked by all for his hard work.
Village Walk.
The final details on the village walk planned for Sunday August 2nd were discussed. It was agreed that the walk was to commence at the Old School Garden at 11 0’ clock. Led by Kiri Howell the route would take Trelessy Lane towards Amroth. After a lunch break the return would be via Colby Woodland Garden to Llanteg. Posters and publicity had been produced and information was to be circulated throughout the area.
Family Fun Afternoon.
A discussion took place about the Family Fun Afternoon to be held on Saturday 29th August. Arrangements were made for the provision of gazebos and chairs in the event of bad weather. (Since the last meeting problems have been experienced in arranging music/tutors for the Fun Afternoon so it has been decided to just go ahead with a Family ‘do it yourself’ barbeque late afternoon on the 29th August. Posters will be produced to publicise this.)
Carol Service.
It was agreed to combine the annual Carol Service with the annual Senior Citizens Christmas Party. A provisional date for this event has been set for December 6th at 2.30pm in Llanteg Village Hall. The Rev Sarah Geach has agreed to lead the community service. Sue was thanked for her hard work in arranging this.
The date of the next meeting was arranged for Monday 24th August at 7 0’ clock.

6th May 2009
Present were Jill Chatwin, Rob Chatwin, Rebekah Chatwin, Sue James, John Baggott, Malcolm Brewin, Jean Brewin, Ruth Webb, Andy Webb, John James, Madeline Cole.
Apologies Helen Baggott.
Village walk.
In attendance for the first part of the meeting was Kiri Howell, South Community Ranger, from the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.
Kiri was introduced to the group by John James and she gave a presentation about her role and projects to date that she has been involved in. These projects included the development of educational projects and also history/nature walks with local communities. The possibility of a ‘village walk’ in the local area involving the National Park was discussed. All attending the meeting were enthusiastic about the suggestion, it was agreed to set a provisional date of Sunday August 2nd 2009. The group were informed that PLANED could help launch the walk and provide publicity in the form of posters and inclusion of details in the local press. It was agreed that members of the group would discuss details of the planned route and historic content at the next meeting. John James thanked Kiri on behalf of the group.
Environmental Youth Workshops
John James thanked the group for the team effort and hard work during the two days of the event. Twenty-two children had participated in the workshops. The tutors for the event had proved excellent and evoked a great deal of interest from the children attending. All children participating in the event had been presented with a certificate. The coverage by the Tenby Observer was declared to be excellent and Helen was given thanks for arranging it.
It was announced that the proposed shed for the Old School Garden had arrived and Malcolm and Andy were thanked for their hard work.
Communities First Grant.
Details to date of the Communities First grant were discussed and a balance of remaining monies was given. As the project expenditure details have to be returned to Communities First in Cardiff by the end of July, the remaining requirements i.e. purchase of small tools will be finalised at the next meeting.
Further events to be held at the Old School Garden were discussed. It was agreed to hold a ‘Family Afternoon’ on Saturday 29th August 2009 followed by a barbeque in the early evening. Activities for the afternoon would include country crafts, bird and tree identification weaving and spinning and basic cooking.
It was reported that there were eggs in some of the new bird boxes in the Garden.
The group agreed that further funding for future activities should be sought as soon as possible.
Further work had taken place at the Claypits but more topsoil was needed. Every one was asked to be aware of local people who had surplus that could be used at the site.

7th January 2009
Present were Madeline Cole, Sue James, Andy Webb, Ruth Webb, Jean Brewin, Malcolm Brewin.
Apologies were received from Jill Chatwin, Rebekah Chatwin, John James, John Baggott, Helen Baggott.The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.
Matters arising.
Easter Workshops. A discussion took place about the proposed workshops to be held on 16th and 17th April 2009 in the Old School Garden. The Secretary has formally contacted the suggested tutors asking for their availability and quotations for their involvement. It is hoped to give further information and a planned timetable at the next meeting.
The question of insurance for the event was discussed. It was suggested that advice and potential help should be sought from the Amroth Community Council as the Old School Garden is community land. As the next planned meeting of the council would not take place until February the matter of insurance and publicity was also to be discussed with PLANED.
It was also agreed at the meeting that action should be taken on the planned purchase of the shed and tools for the Old School Garden as per the terms of the grant. This was to be discussed more fully at the next meeting.Carol Service.
It was agreed that the Carol Service held on 7th December 2008 had been a success. A discussion took place about the plans for Christmas 2009. Suggestions included a Christmas Fair perhaps incorporating the carol service and the senior citizens party. It was agreed to try and encourage more members of the community to participate in the activities held in the Village Hall.
Date of the next meeting was agreed for Monday 9th February 2009 at 7 o’clock.