Sunday, 31 March 2013

Holyland Woods Walk 2013

c. Ieuan Williams

Llanteg Community Association held a three mile circular walk round Pembroke Mill Pond and Holyland Woods on Saturday 9th March.

We started from the car park near the Tourist Information Centre, walked past the old Foundry on the Commons and then made our way up Gooses Lane and Holyland Road to Holyland Woods. We were met there by Jo Brookman and one of her colleagues from Pembroke 21C. Jo gave us a guided tour along the wooden walkways through the alder carr and reeds of this deciduous woodland and her colleague then took us round the Mill Pond, pointing out features of ecological and historical interest. He left us at the Mill Bridge and we then crossed the road and walked past the Cornstore to the sluice gates at the far end of the pond.
Repair work to the gates meant that the path across them was closed so we retraced our steps to the Mill Bridge and took the path past the castle and back to our starting point. The sun shone and the walk was enjoyed by all those who came.
Our thanks go to Jill Chatwin for organising this walk and to Jo Brookman and her colleague for guiding us so ably.